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Christ University Law School Direct Admission

Christ University Law School Direct Admission for BBA LLB

Christ University was formerly Christ College (Autonomous) associated with Bangalore University. Established in July 1969, Christ College became recommended academic institution in the area of Bangalore within the first 30 years.

From 1990 forward it scaly from levels to levels. By the release of the impressive and contemporary program, insistence on academic self-discipline, the offering of Natural Education and with the help of the impressive and devoted employees, Christ College has been constantly ranked among the top 10 educational institutions of the country.

It has an unusual difference to be the first organization in Karnataka to be approved by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) UGC for high education. Apply for Christ University Law School Direct Admission for BBA LLB Course under Management Quota Seat.

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Christ University Law School Direct Admission

Five Year BBA LL.B. (Hons.)

Christ University School (Christ University) offers the 5 year integrated Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Laws (B.B.A. LL.B (Hons)) Program since 2013. The Program is designed in keeping with the latest Bar Council of India rules and the University Grants Commission prescriptions and aims at fostering a culture of scholarship and academic excellence amongst the students.

The Bachelor of Laws is intended to be completed in five years full-time, or on a part time basis; in either case the degree must normally be completed within ten years from the start of study (including any periods of leave or suspension). Each year of study is divided into two semesters which have eighteen weeks of study each including revision of syllabus and examinations.


  • Eligibility for the programme is a pass at the +2 level (Karnataka PUC / ISC / CBSE / NIOS / State Boards) in any stream with minimum of 45% (Humanities, Social Sciences, Commerce & Management, Sciences) from any recognised Board in India.
  • Candidates writing the +2 examinations in March-May 2023 may apply with their class X and XI marks.

Students pursuing International curriculum must note that eligibility is according to AIU stipulations:

  • Applicants pursuing IB curriculum must have 3 HL and 3 SL with 24 credits.
  • Applicants pursuing GCE / Edexcel must have a minimum of 3 A levels with a grade not less than C.

Course Structure

The B.B.A. LL.B (Hons) Curriculum at Christ University consists of compulsory and elective courses of maximum one semester’s strength. The compulsory courses are designed to ensure that every student gains a sufficient grounding in the fundamental branches of the law, as well as satisfying applicable requirements for admission to practice; the elective courses provide an opportunity to develop particular interests and to deepen understanding. Apply for Christ University Law School Direct Admission for BBA LLB Course

Each full semester course is worth 4 credits (with the exception of elective courses worth 4 to 1 credits), with 40 credits per year being the minimum full-time load adopted by the University. The normal full-time load in each semester is therefore 20 credits. Students may choose to take on a higher load subject to the prior consent of the Office of Academic Affairs. In no event shall the load for any semester be in excess of 28 credits.

In order to be awarded a B.B.A. LL.B (Hons) degree, students must be awarded no less than 208 credits in total, distributed as follows:

Two courses in English, worth 8 credits in aggregate At least 12 compulsory courses in business, management, commerce and social sciences subjects, worth 48 credits in aggregate; At least 20 compulsory courses in law, worth 80 credits in aggregate; At least 14 elective courses (including 8 courses undertaken in pursuance of an honours degree), worth 56 credits in aggregate; 4 Compulsory Clinical Courses, worth 16 credits in aggregate. Apply for Christ University Law School Direct Admission for BBA LLB Course

Students may be awarded credits for undertaking co-curricular activities which allow them to develop legal reasoning skills and enhance their understanding of the law. Credits earned on account of permissible co-curricular activity will count towards the total 208 credits required to be awarded a B.B.A. LL.B (Hons.) degree.

Admission Registration fee of INR 5000/ (Non-Refundable)

2. Programme fee as per the below table

Year# KarnatakaOther Indian StatesNRISAARC / AFRICA / PIO / OCI / ASEANOther Foreign NationalsTime of Payment
1180,000 INR205,000 INR260,000 INR4,000 USD4,500 USDWithin seven days of declaration of the Selection Process Result
2180,000 INR205,000 INR260,000 INR4,000 USD4,500 USDOn or before March 15, 2024
3180,000 INR205,000 INR260,000 INR4,000 USD4,500 USDOn or before March 15, 2025
4190,000 INR225,000 INR285,000 INR4,500 USD5,000 USDOn or before March 15, 2026
5190,000 INR225,000 INR285,000 INR4,500 USD5,000 USDOn or before March 15, 2027

# The fee for Karnataka domicile students, as indicated in the table, is the actual fee payable and excludes the scholarship amount.

It is to be noted that though the fee is fixed for five years, there may be a periodic nominal increase to meet the rise in costs.

1. NRI fee is applicable for the first year for candidates who have studied foreign syllabus (has to be approved by UGC / AIU) in the qualifying examination of study in India. (The above condition is not applicable to NRI and candidates applied under NRI Category).

2. NRI fee is applicable for the full duration of the Programme for candidates who;
    2.1. Have pursued and completed their last qualifying exam from outside India.
    2.2. Are NRI and candidates who have applied under the NRI category.

3. To claim the Indian / Karnataka category fee, the candidates should have studied last 7 years in India / Karnataka. (Not applicable for OCI, PIO and Foreign Nationals).

4. Admission registration fee of INR 5000/- is non-refundable in the event of cancellation of admission. This fee will be apart from cancellation charges if applicable.

5. All Candidates If “Selected” after appearing for the final selection process, the fee may be paid through the following option:

  • Payment can be made through Net banking / NEFT / RTGS
  • Payment / Transfer of fees does not guarantee admission.

For the Application form, click the below link:

Online Application Form

Course Electives

Students are offered a number of elective courses from their third year of study. These courses are often interdisciplinary, involving elements of law as well as other disciplines in social science and management. Successful completion of electives will lead to the awarding of credits, which are ascertained per elective, based on the number of instructional hours. For example, a three credit course will have atleast three hours of classroom lectures per week and one or more hours of tutorial instruction per week.

Further, a number of elective courses at the various schools of the University are open for cross-registration. For example, a student of the Christ University School of International Affairs shall may opt for a course on International Humanitarian Law offered by the Christ University School.

Vibrant Intellectual Environment

The faculty members of Christ University are outstanding scholars and practitioners recruited from around the world representing diversified legal systems, social backgrounds, and national cultures. The most important and defining aspect of legal education that is being offered at Christ University is its ability to bring together some of the most amazing legal minds and scholars in humanities, social sciences and business studies to teach and engage with the students of law in the B.A./B.B.A.LL.B., LL.B. and LL.M. programmes. Apply for Christ University Law School Direct Admission for BBA LLB Course

The faculty members of Christ University have educational qualifications from the world’s leading universities such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, Cornell, Oxford, Cambridge, King’s College London, London School of Economics & Political Science, University of California — Berkeley, UCLA, University of Delhi, and Jawaharlal Nehru University. It is through the intellectual leadership of the faculty members that Christ University has been able to create an intellectual environment that fosters interdisciplinary learning, a sense of curiosity, clinical legal education and social engagement. Christ University has over 150 full-time faculty members who are engaged in teaching, research and capacity building, making it one of the world’s leading law schools with a faculty-student ratio of 1:15.

Over 150 full-time faculty members with 20% non-Indian nationals from the USA, UK, China, Canada, Bulgaria, Iceland and New Zealand Four faculty members are Rhodes Scholars, including Dean. Faculty members have published over 500 peer-reviewed articles in journals and law reviews, research reports, policy papers, book chapters, and books. Apply for Christ University Law School Direct Admission for BBA LLB Course

Research and Knowledge Creation

Christ University has established over 25 Research Centres that aim to generate a global network of minds bent on solving leading legal and policy questions in key areas, like Global Corporate and Financial Law and Policy; Women, Law, and Social Change; Penology, Criminal Justice and Police Studies; Human Rights Studies; International Trade and Economic Laws; Global Governance and Policy; Health Law, Ethics, and Technology; Intellectual Property & Technology Law; Public Law and Jurisprudence; Environment and Climate Change Studies; South Asian Legal Studies; International Legal Studies; Victimology and Psychological Studies and Clinical Legal Programmes.

Christ University Review (JGLR), the flagship journal of Christ University published by Springer is indexed in the LexisNexis legal database and is among top 200 refereed law journals in the world as per the Washington & Lee Law Review Rankings.

The Law & Policy Research Group publishes monthly Law & Policy Brief. Student-Edited Christ University Law Quarterly (JLQ) provides a platform to the students to engage in cutting-edge contemporary legal research. Michigan-Christ University Centre for Global Corporate and Financial Law and Policy; a joint undertaking between the University of Michigan and Christ University. The Student Research Colloquiums; to promote research, scholarship and creative work among students of Christ University. Apply for Christ University Law School Direct Admission for BBA LLB Course

Curriculum and Interdisciplinary Courses

Christ University has created is the opportunity for its students to pursue global legal education through a curriculum and pedagogy that best reflects the study of international law, comparative law, and foreign law along with domestic law. Christ University students receive instruction in areas such as Advanced Corporate Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, IPR & Economics, International Investment Law, Labour and Industrial Law and Taxation and Property Law. In addition, student electives include highly relevant areas such as Competition Law, Futures and Options, Global Financial Markets, Infrastructure Law and Finance, the Law of the WTO and the Law and Economics of Trade Remedy Actions. Apply for Christ University Law School Direct Admission for BBA LLB Course

The students of Christ University have a unique opportunity to be part of a larger university that promotes the interdisciplinary study of a range of courses across the schools of business, international affairs, public policy, liberal arts and humanities. This is done by cross-registration of over 50 courses that students can choose to study from different schools of Christ law school. A unique feature of education at Christ University is the interconnectedness of the study of law and business or law and social sciences.

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